Pizza with lobster, black truffle and salmon eggs

Pizza with buffalo mozzarella cheese, date shape tomatoes and sliced culatello ham

Focaccia bread with yellow tomatoes, roman lettuce, Parmesan flakes, smoked salmon with 5 aromatic herbs dressing

Ziti pasta in Neapolitan meat sauce (veal roulade, beef meatballs and pork ribs)

Creamed Carnaroli rise with cod and licorice root grains

Fusilli pasta cooked with veal and onion ragù and dried ricotta cheese

Beef fillet at Rossini style with black truffle flakes, baby potatoes and spinach

Gragnano long Spaghetti with San Marzano tomatoes accompanied with various grated cheeses

Duck foie gras scented with sweet Pantelleria wine, caramelized apple and fennel Pernod

Pizza Margherita


Risotto with pesto sauce, steamed shrimps and burrata cheese




Golden prawns wrapped in bacon served on fondue of Provolone del Monaco cheese, with escarole and fried leeks


Pizza Tasso


Roasted wild octopus served on potatoes and beans with citronette sauce and crunchy fennel


Raw Mediterranean jelly with onion, herbs, citrus and melon


Spaghetti with clams


Paccheri (large tube pasta) with clams and walnuts flavored with lemon and mint

Turbot with capers, sweet onion and diced tomato on a stew of escarole and olive

Pizza quattro stagioni

Pizza marinara

Cut pasta with Neapolitan sauce, pork ribs and dry ricotta cheese

Sea bass fillet au gratin with sauteed julienne vegetables and ginger

Roasted loin of suckling pig with potato croquettes and cabbage with speck

Baba mignon with orange confit and almond sauce of Grand Marnier

Millefeuille of whipped cream with strawberries, ice cream with pistachio and almond croante

Nougat parfait with chocolate sauce bitter orange confit and magdalena.

Pie with ricotta and pear sauce flavored with cinnamon

Scottish smoked salmon sphere, stuffed with sauerkraut and burrata cheese, on steamed zucchini, spelt salad and citronette sauce

Steamed salt cod on creamed potatoes and celery, tomato oil emulsion and chives

Focaccia with lobster and vegetables

Mosaic Seasonal fruit with watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries

Composition of cantaloupe and strawberries

Paccheri of seared stuffed cherry tomatoes and basil

Grilled chicken with rosemary, potatoes and aubergines

Veal chop with cherry tomatoes, rosemary potatoes, and green beans with bacon

Sliced Angus beef with Sechuan pepper , crispy potatoes salad and balsamic sauce

Loin of lamb with thyme, potatoes, broccoli, and peppers

Seared Sechuan pepper squid on crunchy vegetables and pumpkin stew